Simpler Tastes

JCakes Serving Sizes

“Great for children”

Size Servings Price
8″ Round 8 $32.00
10″ Round 15 $42.00
1/4 Sheet 25 $50.00
1/3 Sheet 35 $68.00
1/2 Sheet 50 $84.00
2/3 Sheet 65 $126.00
3/4 Sheet 75 $141.00
Full Sheet 100 $168.00

Please note that these prices listed above apply to our standard design cakes. Our standard design includes smooth sides, basketweave or ganache glaze with fresh flowers and bows. Custom designs, fondant work, tiered cakes and custom floral arrangements are all additional charges. Please call our shop for pricing on custom designed cakes at 203-488-2800.

Twinkie Cake:
Three layers of golden layer cake filled and frosted with our signature vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Devils Food:
Our traditional chocolate cake frosted with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Boston Cream:
One layer of golden layer cake and one layer of chocolate cake filled with vanilla pastry cream, topped with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Mint Cream:
Chocolate devil’s food cake is filled and frosted, 4 layers high with mint buttercream.

Italian Cream:
Golden layer cake filled with vanilla and chocolate cream. This is alcohol free.

Call 203.488.2800, order online, or email us atto place your orders!

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