Thank You!

Thank you for your Order Request! We will contact you shortly regarding your submission.  Please be aware that most of our flavors contain butter and heavy cream and/or milk so refrigeration is required.  When transporting the cake, please be sure it lies on a flat surface in your vehicle such as the trunk or floor of the passenger seat.  JCakes is to happy to supply a non skid mat to keep the cake in place in the trunk. If the cake is not placed flat is can potentially slide or crack.  JCakes does not recommend placing a cake on the passenger seats as it can slide off the seat on to the floor if a sudden stop occurs. Direct Access to air conditioning is also required during transport.  Please be aware that some of our larger sheet cakes (2/3 Sheet, 3/4 Sheet and Full Sheet) do not fit in a standard size fridge.  The size of the box for these sizes is 28″ X 18″ x 7″.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.  203 488 2800



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