We made this awesome football jersey cake for one of our employee’s family friend. The jersey represents the Hamden Hurricanes, a football league that the birthday boy has been playing on for years now. This cake is covered in fondant with hand piped lighting details and to top it all off we added a hand-sculpted 3D football made out of Rice Krispie treats. The inside of the cake is our chocolate devil’s food cake filled with vanilla French buttercream. A flavor that is perfect for kids! The celebration was for Asher, who was turning 13. They threw him a huge Bar Mitzvah party where they were all shuttled to UConn’s Rentschler football field to finish off the party. Since the cake was for our employee’s family friends. She was the one to deliver and attended the party so she got an inside look into all the reactions surrounding the cake that night. Everyone could not stop talking about the cake. Asher and all his friends were amazed by it! She said she was even shocked when she received a hug from the birthday boy since it is a very rare thing for him to give out hugs. The party and the cake were a huge success. We are so glad we were able to be a part of such a special day for him. 

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